About us

Dropundead has been developed by these people:

Robert Zang

Robert is the leader of the team. We owe him two things: the rules of the game and the sentences: “Cooperation is a ruse!”, “Everybody’s dead!” and “The zombies are not the bad guys.” He’s also our resident digital artist.

Julie Hedley

She is the girl of the team. She looks so sweet and innocent that you’d never suspect the hideous thoughts she entertains. Besides being attracted to all things undead, she’s a real science fiction enthusiast.

Also she’s our ZCommunity Manager and our spokesperson. Follow her on Twitter! Be her friend on Facebook!

Sam Frost

Well, if you look up Sam Frost in google, you won’t find him. Yes, we’d also swap our Sam for that Sam in a minute, but one has to play the cards one’s been dealt. He is our systems manager. The rest of us don’t have a clue about what he does, but we think firmly we wouldn’t be able to do it.

Oscar Cooper

Oscar is the design manager. Believe or not, he can tell the difference between the colors maraschino and cayenne. The rest of us can’t (yes, even Julie). That makes him an often misunderstood voice. He’s also in charge of logistics. Not much to do with design, but we’re a small company.

Joe Cassidy

The software manager. Also accountant manager. Did I mention we’re a small company?