The purpose of the game

Each player begins with 15 Life Points. After every round the individual Life Points are assessed. When a player reaches 0 Life Points or less, he or she dies and abandons the game. The goal is to be the last one to die.

Types of cards

There are three types of cards: Influence Cards, Bid Cards and Trick Cards. Each Influence Card and Bid Card belong to a suit; Trick Cards don’t.

There are four suits in the deck of cards: Do (yellow), Go (red), Talk (blue) and Use (green).

A Bid Card has four values, one value per each suit. The card belongs to the suit that has the value 0 next to it. An Influence Card only has the value 0 next to the suit that it belongs to. None of the other suits are present.

The backgrounds of the cards also reflect the suit with their color.

Dealing cards

Each player starts with 6 cards. After the round is over, they are dealt a new card. The players can ask for additional cards until they have a maximum of 7 Cards in their hands. Each additional card they ask will substract one Life Point.

The flow of the game

As it appears on the cards:
Each round of the game has 3 parts: Bid, Influence and Trick.

Part 1. Bid

During this part of the round, each player places a Bid Card in front of him/her. The Bid Card contains four values that represent the number of Life Points the player will lose should the round end with that suit as the winning suit.

Players can play Bid Cards or Influence Cards during the Bid part of the round. If an Influence Card is played during this part, it loses its power to change the winning suit. For any Influence Card used as a Bid Card, the value for each of the suits except its own is 4; that is, the player will lose 4 Life Points unless the winning suit is the Influence Card’s suit.

When every player has placed his Bid Card in front of him, they calculate what is the winning suit. The winning suit is determined by the most frequent suit present on the table; in case of a tie, the first player’s suit prevails.

The winning suit will change in the next step of the round.

Part 2. Influence

Once every player has placed their bid, the Influence part of the round begins. During this part only Influence Cards are allowed. Influence Cards are thrown at the center of the table, not over the Bid Cards in front of each player.

The winning suit changes every time a new Influence Card is played during the Influence part of the round. The suit depicted in the last Influence Card played becomes the winning suit.

The Influence part of the round ends when all the players agree not to throw any more cards. The winning suit at this moment is the definitive winning suit and won’t change in the next part of the round.

Part 3. Trick

During this part only Trick Cards can be played.

If a player places a Zombie Fodder card over his Bid Card, he will lose 0 Life Points regardless of the result of the round.

Counting Life Points

Any player who follows suit at the end of the round, that is, their Bid Card is the same suit as the definitive winning suit, loses 0 Life Points.

Any player who doesn’t follow suit loses as many Life Points as stated in their Bid Card. If he used an Influence Card as a Bid Card, he loses 4 Life Points.

You can download the official Drop Undead app for counting Life Points.

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