The 10 most scary scenes ever in horror movies

You are a strong, brave man or woman. You are used to watching scary movies and it’s been a long time since you’ve cringed with fear on your seat.

But there is one particular scene from a particular horror movie that haunts you, one scene that you remember when you wake up in the middle of the night.or when you have to go check your cellar because of some strange noises. We have asked our friends in Facebook what is the most scary movie scene ever.

This is the ranking:

10.- The Conjuring

Annabelle is a recent movie, but it has made a deep impression on many people. This scene is a particularly wicked one.

9.-A Nightmare On Elm Street

The classics. Freddy Krueger was born in a nightmare and since then he has appeared in many particular nightmares around the world


Nothing supernatural here, but when Annie hits Paul in the ankles in Misery, lots of people have felt his pain


Sinister is a good source of haunting scenes that will hit you at the most inappropriate moments


The shower scene in Psycho is responsible for most of the uneasy feelings that mankind feel in the shower

5.-The Exorcist

What can we say about The Exorcist? This scene, probably one of the most memorables, wasn’t included in the original film


When the house tells the priest to get out in Amityville, No need for an alarm system here.

3.-The Exorcist III

This is a real jumpscare from The Exorcist III. If this doesn’t jumpscare you, I don’t know what will

2.-The Changeling

This scene from The Changeling is subtle, but it will remain with you for a long time.

1.-Salems Lot

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