The 7 most attractive zombie fighters (male version)

In this blog you can read our ranking of the most beautiful zombie fighters (female version) and now we give you the 7 most attractive zombie fighters (male version).

Fighting zombies is not a very glamorous career, but there have been some people who have fought them with style. Be warned: there are some surprises along the way.


7. Andrew Lincoln

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead. Many people have told us the same thing: they actually loved Andrew (pun intended), but right now he’s not the most attractive zombie fighter. Maybe it’s because of his mood swings, his craziness or the serious lack of a shower, but, and this comes as a surprise, he’s not the number one. He’s good enough to make the list, though.


6. Brad Pitt

Gerry Lane, World War Z. A bit like Andrew Lincoln, because he was much more attractive in Thelma & Louise than in World War Z. His need for a shower isn’t as extreme as Andrew’s, but still.


5. Will Smith

Robert Neville, I am Legend. While we are on the subject of showers, we have to notice that somehow he managed to find -and use- one in the apocalypse. But more than that he played the role of the legendary Neville and he played it well.


4. Michael Dudikoff

What? American Ninjas vs Zombies? Almost: Navy SEALs vs Zombies. Maybe this is not the best zombie movie ever; in fact, it’s a zombie movie with a capital B. But if you liked Sharknado or Manos: the Hands of Fate, you’ll find some qualities here. Remember, this ranking is based in the hotness of the protagonist. I see many nostalgic people voting here.


3. Mekhi Phifer

Andre, Dawn of the Dead. The movie that gave us the most attractive zombie fighter (Lindy Booth) gives us now Andre, an unforgettable street thug who is also easy on the eyes. His “Shatterproof, asshole” quote is a great moment of the zombie genre.


2. Bruce Campbell

Ash, Army of Darkness. With a true army of followers voting for him, Bruce Campbell gets to be number two in our ranking. What else can we say about one of the legends in horror movies?


1. Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. We normally don’t pick two actors from the same movie/TV show, but in this case we need to make an exception. Norman has had a huge success as the aloof but caring Daryl, and I know for a fact that many people love him unconditionally. He is in the no-shower list, but no one seems to care.

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