The seven most beautiful zombie girls

Among the various undead that populate the world of imagination, zombies are the least attractive. The rest of the undead are much more beautiful, or at least, physically pleasant than zombies. Ghouls? Slightly better, at least they’re well-fed. Mummies? You can always have the doubt they’re improving their aspect through cosmetic surgery. Skeletons? Well, they’re thin. Vampires? Don’t get me started.

But zombies are ugly by definition. They’re rotting corpses, they symbolize everything that is vile and corrupt in our bodies. How can they be anything but hideous? How can we even consider the possibility that there are any hot zombie girls?

Well, there are. We have made a search and we’ve come up with a few examples. Here you have them:

Amber Heard in Zombieland

7.- Amber Heard in Zombieland

No doubt Amber is very attractive when she’s alive. And when she becomes a zombie, well, you must get past her vomit, her blood, her excoriations and her somewhat limited vocabulary, but the attractiveness is still underneath.

2 peasant blouse walker

6.- Peasant blouse walker from The Walking Dead

We owe the discovery of this beauty to this blogWe know nothing about the actress. Does anybody know who is she?

 Invisible Woman

5.- Invisible Woman

She’s so beautiful and perfect that sometimes -sometimes- you might think she’s not real. And then she turns into a zombie in Marvel Zombies and she’s still as gorgeous as a zombie can be.

Ana Falchi

4 .- Anna Falchi

She stars in the cult(ish) movie Cemetery Man. When she’s a widow, she’s stunning, and when she’s a zombie, she’s even more stunning. It’s almost unfair competition.

Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers

3.- Jenna Jameson

Yes, she’s the same Jenna Jameson you claim not to know. She starred in the strange and disturbing Zombie Strippers, a movie that is, strangely and disturbingly, much more than just visual candy.

Mila Jovovich

2.- Mila Jovovich

What? Is she a zombie? Well, if Blade is a vampire, then Alice is a zombie. And a really beautiful one, always facing the camera in the right angle.

Melinda Clarke in Return of the Living Dead 3

1.- Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke. Return of the Living Dead 3. When she’s alive, she’s got that bad girl vibe that many people find so attractive. Then she dies and explores the zombie side of death. And when she emerges, she’s an uber femme fatale that will give you pleasant nightmares..

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