The seven most beautiful zombie fighters (female version)

What are the seven most beautiful girls that have fought zombies? This ranking reflects the opinion of the people who have visited and taken our poll

We have rattled our brains and have come up with a few names of really beautiful girls who have been known for facing the zombies and give them hell. Here they are, ranked by your preferences.


Patricia Tallman

7.- Patricia Tallman

When it rains it pours. 8% of the votes. We fell in love with her in the remake of Night of the Living Dead, but she had won our hearts previously in Babylon 5. Because, let’s be honest: who can not love the most powerful telepath in the universe?

Rose McGowan

6.- Rose McGowan

11% of the votes. When the going gets tough. As far as we know, she has fought zombies twice: once in Planet Terror and then again in Death Becomes Them.

Tania Raymonde

5.- Tania Raymonde

12% of the votes. What you gonna do. If you’re a zombie and you’re hit by a girl so badass, so deadly serious and so beautiful, what you gonna do? Just surrender.

Zombie vs Strippers

4 .- Hollie Winnard and Lyanna Tumaneng and Jessica Barton

13%. Good things come in threes. The beloved zombie genre has the beloved zombies vs strippers sub-sub-sub-subgenre. And in this category we find this really stunning trio.

Milla Jovovich

3.- Milla Jovovich

15%. Milla has appeared in another DropUndead ranking, as one of the most beautiful zombie girls. She may be a ombie, but she’s a zombie fighter too, and a really lethal one.

Lauren Cohen

2.- Lauren Cohen

18% of the votes. Well, it was difficult to pick just one girl from The Walking Dead, and there’s been some discussion, but Lauren won the Just-One-Girl-From-The-Walking-Dead poll and now she’s almost won the general poll too.

Lindy Booth

1.- Lindy Booth

With a whooping 21% of the votes, Lindy Booth has won our poll. She acted in Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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