Undead Trivia

Are you a real know-it-all about zombies? Test your knowledge.

When did the word zombie first appeared in English?

It was used for the first time by the poet Robert Southey in 1819, in a history of Brazil. The word originally comes from Kongo (nzambi or zumbi, god or fetish).

Robert Southey is also known by the Goldilocks story

What is the most effective weapon against a vampire?

Not garlic, not crosses, not holy water. The most effective weapon against vampires is sand or rice. It works on eastern and western vampires.

Vampires normally suffer from arithmomania, that is, they have the compulsion to count things. If you place rice or sand in their way, they’ll stop to count the grains, and that normally will take them all night. That’s the reason why some tombs in Europe have small mounds of sand on them.

Count von Count, the character from Sesame Street, clearly suffers from arithmomania.

How many demons are there

It’s said that a third of the angels were turned into demons when Lucifer rebelled. There are to famous calculations:

  1. Alfonso de Spina, a Spanish Catholic Bishop, said in 1467 that the number of demons is 133,316,666
  2. Johann Weyer, a Dutch occulist, asserted in 1583 that there are 666 legions, each one composed by 6666 demons and ruled by 66 kings, witch sum up a total of 666*6666+66=4,439,622

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