What is DropUndead

The world has come to an end. The zombie apocalypse is here! Don’t get so excited: an apocalypse is not something to be taken lightly. You are surrounded, exhausted and hopeless. There are no survivors, except for you and your so-called friends.

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Eventually, zombies will inflict a horrible death on you. And you can’t escape. There’s no possible strategy left. Unless… maybe… Why not? You can try to be the last one to die!


Not an easy job: you’ll have to cheat, beguile, overcome your qualms… It’s hardly a good prospect, but it beats waiting quietly for your death. So get ready to play until you… DROP UNDEAD!

It’s a Card Game

DropUndead is a card game placed in the zombie apocalypse. It has very simple rules, but it’s surprisingly addictive, Its goal: to be the last one to die. In DropUndead, you won’t add any Life Points, ever; after each round, the players will be a little closer to their deaths. The claustrophobic feeling of doom becomes smothering.

But all horror and no laugh makes Jack a dull zombie. DropUndead is full of inside jokes and references familiar to the zombie aficionado. Many of the cards will elicit a chuckle -or a lot of laughter- in the players.

The game rules have been carefully designed to bring out the worst in you and in every player. People will be shocked at your low moral standards. Even you won’t believe what you’re capable of! There will be a lot of fun and incredible situations in every game.

Be careful when buying this product! Countless couples, friendships and families have broken up after a few games, when they have uncovered the horror nesting in their hearts.

In DropUndead, the zombies are not the bad guys. You are.

Personalized cards


In the standard deck there are a few cards that can be personalized: it’s possible to include the name of the players, or the texts they want. Imagine the following gift for your girlfriend: a card of her favourite game that shows her own tomb. Or how will your friends react when they find out that the zombie apocalypse is your fault and only yours?

DropUndead’s official app

app_dudIf you want a little help keeping track of Life Points, creating an adequate atmosphere or adding a few special effects, you can download the DropUndead’s official app, available on iOS and Android.

Contraindications and side effects

The risk of death when playing DropUndead is extremely high. The consumption of DropUndead can provoke homicidal thoughts and aberrant behavior. DropUndead is highly addictive: with just one game the players will get hooked and there is no known cure.

Some other side effects include: abnormal bleeding, brain craving, anxiety, insomnia and several adverse reactions in subjects who still keep their faith in mankind.

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