You didn’t know these actors had played vampires

When you think of a vampire, whose face comes to mind? Possibly Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi or Klaus Kinski if you like the classics. Or maybe David Boreanaz, Alexander Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder if TV is your thing. But I bet that you didn’t know these actors had played vampires and it’s going to surprise you.


1. Jim Carrey. Once Bitten (1985)

Ten years before The Mask, an impossibly young Jim Carrey played a vampire in the movie Once Bitten. Jim displays here many of his weird facial expressions and, let’s say, flexible body movements.


2. Rutger Hauer. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Ok, Rutger Hauer was in True Blood, but he wasn’t a vampire, was he? No, we’re talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie. Maybe you don’t remember, but he played the Big Bad, a vampire named Lothos. Though he didn’t become part of the Buffyverse canon, he plays a really creepy vampire with a surprising comedic flair.


3. David Bowie. The Hunger (1983)

The Hunger, much like Bowie, is elegant, stylish, atmospheric and a little oneiric. The triangle between David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon is believable in a very unrealistic way. Ok, maybe that doesn’t make much sense, but beautiful dreams don’t make much sense either.


4. Ryan Reynolds. Blade Trinity (2004)

Before Deadpool and Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds played another Marvel superhero in Blade Trinity, Hannibal King. Though he’s not a vampire, he has been one for five years, before Dr. Strange helped him lift the curse.


5. Patrick Stewart. Lifeforce (1985)

If you thought vampires equal aloof strangers coming from exotic lands to subdue London, well, this movie is just about that but also the complete opposite. The vampires here are aliens and they don’t suck blood, but the very life force. Patrick Stewart, before Picard and Xavier days, plays a doctor who is possessed by a very alien vampire.


6. Kiefer Sutherland. The Lost Boys (1987)

Jack Bauer as a vampire would have had just 12 hours instead of 24 to fix things. Bad jokes apart, The Lost Boys is a classic that, among other things, popularized the myth that a vampire can’t enter your home unless they’re invited. And they can’t be more eighties: you’ll have shoulder pads and perms everywhere.


7. Sam Neill. Daybreakers (2009)

With a career as prolific as Sam’s, he had to play a vampire sooner or later. He’s been almost everyone in movies and TV, from a wizard to a cardinal, from a paleontologist to an inspector. To find him as a vampire we have to watch Daybreakers, an unusual movie that presents a world where the vampires have won.

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